The Village

The village of Amlougui is located at 1400m, about 60 km south-east of Marrakesh at the foot of the High Atlas. A winding road, which follow the river Oulrika, will bring you up to Outrika Valley, just before the famous place, Setti Fadma, we will turn in a small side valley. Amlougui is easily accessible but the road can be a littel rough. The last 100m can only be done on foot.

However, the picturesque village that awaits you at the end of your trip is worth the effort, and this small distance ensures that Amlougui retains the feeling of authenticity.

Amlougui is a small traditional Berber village consisting of about 100 houses that cling almost inconspicuously to the side of the valley. The houses are built in the traditional Berber style, where the pets, cows, goats and chickens live on the ground floor while the families live on the first floor.

In the village of Amlougui there is a mosque, a kindergarten and a primary school and, more recently, a women‘s cooperative.

The river, which meanders through the valley below the village, feeds the many fruit trees such as apples, pears, cherry, walnut and quince. There is enough water, so that the fruit trees grow and thrive on the side of the valley, further up. These orchards are food and income for most villagers.

The panoramic view from the house terrace to the High Atlas is breathtaking. That‘s why Amlougui is an excellent starting point for many local trekking tours. It is worth exploring the area on foot and experiencing the area‘s lively creeks and waterfalls. We recamend to book one to several days trekking tours throug ouer specialiced trekking guides.