Amlougui House is different, not only in how you stay with us, but also in how you are able to experience our life and culture by working and spending time with us.

Cooking: You always wanted to learn how to make a delicious Moroccan tajine or a couscous? Now you have the chance to cook one of these dishes in a very personal way. We will also bake bread and show you how to prepare the famous Moroccan tea. Costs : 25 € 1pers., 23 € 2 pers., 20 € 3 pers., 18 € 4 pers.

Harvest time: If you like to be out in nature, then why not try harvesting fruit with Ahmed? Free

Cutting grass: Would you like to do something in the evening? We can take you to our fields where we use the sickle to cut grass, collect it and carry it home on our backs. Free

Carpet-weaving: The opportunity to work on a rug with the women from the cooperative is an unforgettable experience. Free

Henna: In the village of Amlougui there are henna artists who can adorn your hands and / or feet with a henna tattoo. The traditional design using „Berber Henna“ will remind you of us for a while! Costs: 10 € for hands or feets

Mule ride: How about a ride on a mule or a donkey up the mountains? We offer you to take a ride on the beloved animals. Half day: 35 € Full day: 65 € (mule & guiding)

The following experiences*are in a combination of two: choose a combination of two of the following activities. Inkl. guiding, taxi and entrance. Lunch extra - 1 person 60 € - 2 person 45 € per person - 3 person 35 € per person - 4 person 30 € per person - every additional person 25 €

Berber Market*: On Mondays, you can come with us to the nearby local market. Most likely being the only tourist there, you will be fully immersed in our culture and daily life.

Art & Craft*: If you are interested in handicrafts, you can visit a ceramics workshop and get to know the local craft. You can try your hand at making a bowl.

Berber Museum*: In a small, private Berber Museeum you can learn more about the history of the Berber and get access to unpublished documents.

Hamam*: Join us for an authentic, local hammam and learn to scrub yourself clean like a Berber in a traditional steam bath