Guided Tours

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It is my pleasure to introduce you to our beautiful Atlas mountains. I will share our authentic Berber lifestyle with you and thus you will help to contribute to sustainable tourism in our region.

Half day tour: Lunch /picnic extra - 1 Person 30 € - 2 Person 20 € each - 3 Person 15 € each - 4 Person 12 € each - every additional Person € 10

Half day tour suggestions: - Walk to the waterfalls in Setti Fatma - Azib of Agouns, walking up to a nice and near by village from Amlougui

Full day tour: Lunch /picnic extra - 1 Person 50 € - 2 Person 35 € each - 3 Person 30 € each - 4 Person 25 € each - every additional Person 20 €

Full day tour suggestions:
- Walk to up to visit Lahcen’s family in his village, (Ibrahim’s cook on his trekking tours) and have lunch
- Azib of Agouns, where we will have lunch and enjoy our Moroccon tea - Hike up to Acheg villages and have lunch at Tizi
. We will take you up to
- Walk to a waterfall with lunch at Amlougui House. - Ride on a mule to Amlougui house and have lunch with us in our home.

Lunch: 12 € / 15 € per Person, bread, starter, main course, dessert, tea Picknick: 7 € per Person, eggs, sandwiches, fruits, sweets, tea

Tours of two days or more: Two-day or multi-day tours Please contact us and let us know your ideas and wishes, we will be happy to help you organize your own personal tour. Small but nice and with great flexibility, Ibrahim and his team will organize anything you want.

Estimate: number of people, days, difficulty of the tour, accommodation and season.

Tour suggestions:
- Toubkal National Park (oldest in Morocco) - minimum 2 days - Yagour Plateau (3000 year old stone engravings) from 2 - 5 days - Meldson, Ibrahim’s favorite mountain, 3474 m above sea, from 3 days - Jbel Toubkal, highest mountain in North Africa, 4167m above sea level, from Imlil or Setti Fadma, 2 - 7 days
- Zat valley of Tighedouine or Amlougui, from 4 to 5 days - Other multi-day tours available on request

We are looking forward to design your own tour.