Ibrahim Essoussy, the founder of Amlougui House, is Berber and was born in 1990 in Amlougui, a typical mountain village at the foot of the Atlas.

In the late years, after school, Ibrahim was first a shepherd‘s apprentice and then an aspiring farmer learning from his father, who is a profession of fruits, vegetables and berries. So from year to year, he learned something more, before he was leaving Amlougui, in the direction of Marrakech, for more experience and to support finacelly his family.

He almost stayed two years before returning to Amlougui to realize his childhood dream. For 4 years, mobilized, spared and realized Ibrahim, was today Amlougui House is. In October 2017, he leased the first building block and built up the „Amlougui House“ like how he offers the house today for you.

Ibrahim's love for nature, mountains, flora and fauna is one reason why he works as a guide. With this passion, he began several years ago to lead groups and individuals in the surrounding mountains. Sometimes for a day, sometimes for up to a week. Since then, many visitors from all over the world have had the opportunity to benefit from Ibrahim's knowledge of Berber life and culture. With his good-natured personality, sense of humor and knowledge of the area and nature, Ibrahim has made the clients so happy that they will all come again. So if you have the time, take the chance to be guided by Ibrahim's great experience.             And enjoy the magic of hiking and experience the beauty and the peace of the mountains to get rich again by having less.